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Smash Trivia is a Sexual Education mobile app developed as a Passion Project at General Assembly. After pitching the idea with supporting market research, we were approved to move forward and build a product addressing Sex Education in the United States. 

Problem Space: According to Planned Parenthood, only 13 states require sex ed instruction to be medically accurate. Only 18 states require students to be informed about birth control and only 8 states require educators to teach students about consent. 10 million diagnosed cases of sexually transmitted diseases last year were among people aged 15–25, according to the CDC.



Eliana Teran

Kaye Kagoaon

Ladd Evans

My responsibilities: 

Lead Researcher, Synthesis, User Journey & Personas,

Low-Fi Sketches, Mid-Fi Prototype, Strategy and Partnership, Usability Testing, Presentation Pitch


Due to varying sex education requirements in the US, college students are not always equipped with the knowledge they need when becoming sexually active. 


We believe a mobile platform for young people to discuss and learn about about sexual health will empower them to make more informed decisions

Research Methodology

  • Screener Survey & User Interviews 

  • Personas User Journey Maps

  • Comparative Feature Analysis

  • Design Studio & Feature Prioritization

  • 2 Rounds of Usability Testing

  • Partnership Research 

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Research Goals

  • Gain insight into how users’ sexual education informed their understanding of sexual health.

  • Understand any existing pain points.

  • Look into users’ app preferences and browsing habits in order to better determine the platform or device.

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Screener Surveys

Our team sent out a screener survey, gauging willingness of potential interviewees between the ages of 18-26 to discuss sex and sexual education

Key Insights

  • Overall consensus that sex ed is falling short of delivering information in an open and comfortable environment

  • Sex ed did not prepare them for the emotional experience of having sex

  • Sex ed is often preventive instead of practical

  • Misconceptions about sexual health has consequences

  • There is little to no emphasis on consent in high school sex ed

  • Queer people are often excluded from sexual education

  • Young adults rely on the internet for information on sexual health

User Interviews

We conducted 11 interviews by phone, around 20-30 minutes each. Based on the sensitivity of the subject matter, conducting interviews remotely was best suited for users to let their guard down anonymously and share personal stories.


Here are a selection of sample interview questions:

  1. How comfortable are you when talking about sex and sexual health? Why?

  2. When did you first learn about sex?

  3. What does consent mean to you? Why?

  4. What is most important to you now when it comes to sex & sexual health?

  5. What is something you wish you knew when becoming sexually active?


We developed 2 personas based on key findings from synthesis. Our primary user is Carrie, a straight female student, and our secondary user is Zeke, non-binary student. 

CARRIE-Persona Sheet.png
Zeke-Persona Sheet.png

User Journey Maps

Primary Persona User Journey.jpg
Secondary User Journey.png
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Problem Statement

Young adults in the United States often become sexually active in college; however, they find themselves not emotionally prepared to navigate the varying complexities of relationships and sexually transmitted infections due to gaps in their sexual education.

How might we retroactively fill the sex ed gap in a way that’s fun, engaging, and relatable?


An interactive daily trivia game and forum delivering sex health information to young adults in a fun and engaging way, starting as an iOS mobile app. While trivia allows users to expand their knowledge without noticing, the forum will encourage an open dialogue and give insight in real time into what users are thinking about and need in terms of content. 

Comparative Feature Analysis

We conducted feature analysis as a jumping off point to assess gaps in the market and identify successful features and trends. 

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Key Insights

  • The more interactive sex health and quiz apps did not feel credible; however, they are typically anonymous. 

  • Trivia crack allows users to influence trivia content by submitting questions. 

  • HQ trivia, a successful live trivia game, has a limited number of games the user can play a day.

  • HQ Trivia draw in 200-800K participants in a live game.

Highlighted features were used to shape feature prioritization and design studio. 

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Design Strategy

Team Smash used feature prioritization and a design studio to scope our features, which ranged from Bitmoji profiles to whether users should be able to play trivia at any time. We settled on anonymous profiles, daily live trivia, most popular answers, a leader board, and a reddit style forum. 

Design Methodology

  • Feature Prioritization: MoSCoW Method

  • Design Studio to scope functionality of features. 

  • 1 Round of Usability Testing on a Low-fi digital prototype

  • 1 Round of Usability Testing on Mid-fi digital prototype

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Usability Testing

Lo-fi Prototype

Key Developments


  • Nav bar includes Trivia, Profile, Leaderboard, and Forum

Improvements Needed

  • Needs option to leave a live game. 

  • Leaderboard not needed on Tab Nav

  • Add option to add trivia to calendar

  • Users want incentive

Mid-fi Prototype

Hi-fi Prototype

Key Changes


  • Removed Leaderboard from Tab nav

  • Built out 3 trivia questions, so users can interact with content

  • Added captions to Tab nav

  • Added to Calendar option

Improvements Needed

  • Users don't need incentive based on content

  • Remove branding icon throughout app

  • Remove Saved threads from Forum

Key Changes


  • Adjusted nomenclature from Join to Play

  • Linked wrong answers to Forum

  • Removed incentive from homepage

Next Steps

  • Develop incentive for winning trivia 

  • Increase gamification and in-app purchases

  • Live trivia with video, hosted by influencers

  • More gender neutral color palette

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UI Specs Doc

Team Smash prepared Spec Docs for hand off to developers. I prepared the App Map with 51 functional annotations. Ladd included user flows and site maps, and Kaye prepared style specifications and measurements. Please see below. 

Stakeholder Presentation

A key part of curriculum for this assignment was a 30 minute presentation to stakeholders. This gave me the opportunity to think of business goals once again, as I used to often in my work as a Supply Chain Coordinator (although in a different capacity). 

Our goal for Smash Trivia is to generate relevant and accessible content, which YouTube does everyday. We decided to propose strategic partnership with YouTube focused on collaborating with YouTube influencers as live Trivia hosts. 


There are already a number of influencers with large audiences primarily discussing sex ed content. This would help Smash reach it's target audience, as well as give YouTube a special spotlight for its influencers. Please see our stakeholder presentation deck below.