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My art practice is a form of a diary written in characters, with each drawing a page. In the multitude of loosely depicted figures, alone or intertwining, I work to capture the emotional experience of being a female. I see each figure I draw as a word in a language conveying an aspect of an emotion. Their interactions then become sentences working together to show the many feelings that can go into a single moment.

I often draw these figures in multiples, so they can work together and create energy through their movement. All of them are attempting to intertwine and relate to each other. Their stomachs hollow from what has been taken from them. Their shoulders may be sinking with fear. Their curves are bountiful with femininity. Their legs are grounded and strong. These figures at times look weak, but the loads of emotion being shown in their movements convey that they are working through their tribulations and therefore will move past them.

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